100% eco-friendly

Hit of sales in Europe and the USA - the easiest way to geta beautiful lawn in front of the house

Plant a juicy bright lawn in just 1 hour!

  • A special grade of grass grows on any soils

  • Easy to take care

  • Composition with the necessary fertilizers to activate growth

  • Attached to a usual garden hose –even a beginner will cope

  • Ideal for those places where the grass badly grows

* Recommended by professionals


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"Why "Hydro Mousse" is called a revolutionary way to plant a lawn?

Hydro Mousse is able greatly to facilitate the creation of beautiful lawns and grasses due to a special way of planting seeds - by spraying a special solution.

Getting on the soil, the solution is distributed evenly and after a while, it dries up. On the surface of the soil is formed a crust, under which the most favourable conditions for the rapid germination of seeds are created. This crust protects the seeds from washout by a rain or wind, and also from not being pecked by birds.

The result - smooth, bright, juicy lawn of uniform thickness. Such lawn, as it should be, and you can be proud of it.


Not only seeds but also growth activators

– the detailed composition of Hydro Mousse
  • Complex mineral fertilizers

    Сontain everything that is needed for active growth.

  • Fixers of mulch fibres

    Special adhesive substances that bind all components of the mixture into single whole.

  • Mulch

    Special composition to ensure the uniform covering of the soil, as well as the further preservation of moisture in the soil.

  • Biostimulators

    Increase the activity of seeds, promote the accelerated growth, make the lawn or grass really juicy and bright green.

A mixture of seeds, specially bred grades of herbs

They are unpretentious in care and watering, can grow on any soil and in any climatic conditions. Ideal for problematic places - where the usual grass grows poorly.

Look how simple it can be done

For the creation of juicy bright green lawn, just connect the Hydro Mousse spray gun to a regular garden hose!

The mixture has a bright green colour, that will allow you to see how evenly you applied the liquid lawn "Hydro Mousse" on the soil.

For this reason, it is convenient to use Hydro Mousse for filling bald spots or trampled places at an existing lawn.


With Hydro Mousse you will get a beautiful smooth lawn, which you can be proud of in 1-2 weeks!

Fields of Hydro Mousse Applications

Hydro Mousse does not require additional soil preparation and can be sprayed even on inclined surfaces - including landscape designs.

Beautiful flat grass and lawns

Strengthening of soils

Landscaping of hard-to-reach areas

Improvement of roadsides


Landscaping areas with a "bad" soil

Landscaping of sports grounds

Additional benefits of Hydro Mousse

  • The received lawn has no bald spots (happens when hand-planted) and seams (as in case of roll planting)

  • Special conditions are created that promote faster germination of seeds

  • Resistant to temperature changes, does not require watering (enough precipitation)

  • 99% seed germination due to the use of mulch and carefully selected fertilizers

  • Minimal effort to create an ideal lawn

  • The germination period of the lawn – is 1-2 weeks, then the grass will be renewed all summer.

  • Long-term lawn!

The opinion of the Landscape Designer about Hydro Mousse

"With the improvement of household plots, the lawn becomes of great importance. However, to create a smooth, beautiful, bright green lawn - it's not an easy thing. Sowing does not always come out evenly, and laying of ready rolls is expensive.

The liquid lawn "Hydro Mousse" allows to solve this problem quickly and simply.

The unique technology of seed plantation, incorporated in it, allows to achieve the best result with minimum expenses and in the shortest possible time. With Hydro Mousse you can get a lawn of professional quality, without making any special efforts. The grass will grow where you spray it. Your lawn will be the reason of envy by all around."


- the landscape designer, experience – more than 20 years.

100% safety and health

Hydro Mousse consists exclusively of natural and environmentally friendly components, so the resulting lawn is absolutely harmless to children, pets and the environment.

Customer Reviews


45 years

It is really something! I plant grass around the house for many years. Therefore, I have even an experience in this field. But never my lawn did not look so chic, as after using Hydro Mousse! Like night and day. The lawn is juicy, dark green even in the heat. Requires minimal watering. The usual lawn would have been "burnt" for a long time, and this one remains the same green. Became a fan of this lawn. As for the price, the differences are small, but the amenities huge!


51 years

The last 3 years decided to sow everything with grass. First, we have sowed manually and the lawn turned out uneven. Somewhere more seeds were poured, somewhere less, somewhere they did not rise at all. Generally, no beauty existed. Last year a familiar friend advised us to try the liquid lawn Hydro Mousse. With it, everything turned out much better. Now every weekend we enjoy the look of our lawn, when we come to the countryside. Thanks!


33 years

Excellent and inexpensive solution. I saw the article about this lawn in the magazine about landscape design and decided to order it. The expectation fully justified. There is nothing to complain about. A great way to plant an ideal lawn, which requires minimum effort. Just connect to the hose and spray - the sowing itself is no longer than the usual watering. The first sprouts were already in 2 days, and after 2 weeks there was a chic lawn. I recommend to all!

How do we work?

You leave the application in the form on our website

Our manager will call you back to clarify the delivery address

We deliver Hydro Mousse to anywhere in the country

You pay for it on receipt

100% eco-friendly

If you have a lawn or a grass, Hydro Mousse will be a wonderful discovery for you.

Try it by yourself and you see how convenient it is!

  • Planting a lawn in just 1 hour

  • On any soils and ground

  • 99% seed germination

  • 100% environmentally and safe

* Recommended by professionals


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